The UKPA’s Early Season Tournament marked the start of the UK 2019 grass season, taking place on May the 10th and 11th at Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre. Over the weekend Kent Target got off to the best start of all the clubs, picking up a number of placings throughout the grades. There were also good performances from Arden, Yorkshire Warriors and Cotswold with each club getting at least two placings.

Grade1st2ndBest Number 1Best Number 2Best Number 3Best Horse
A GradeKent Target 1Kent Target 2Jack Brown (Kent Target)Alex Vickers (Celyn)Hamish Gillanders (Kent Target)Fanta – Hamish Gillanders (Kent Target)
B GradeCotswold UniArden 1Phil Chalcraft (Cotswold Uni)Alex Vickers (Celyn)Charlotte Winder (Arden)Carraig – Meg Smith (Celyn)
Upper C GradeKent TargetBethersden BullJake Wilson (Kent Target)Kim Stevens (Bethersden BullsPenny Webb (Kent Target)Banjo – Penny Webb (Kent Target)
Lower C GradeBeaudesertCelynTegan Bristow (Beaudesert)Karl Fisher (Celyn)Seren Myall (Cotswold)Val – Charlie Evans (Celyn)
D Grade
Yorkshire WarriorsCotswoldCara Williams (Cotswold)John Blackmore (Bethersden BullsAnna Kimber Tarbuck (Celyn)Achilles – Jess Alderson (Yorkshire Warriors)
Lower D GradeArdenLimemere Seona McCredie (Arden)Lucy Simpson (Limemere)Tanis Loutsiou (Arden)Eliza – Seona McCredie (Arden)
E Grade Kent Target Cotswold/ ArdenAmanda Wilson (Kent Target)Evie Clements (Arden)Craig Pym (Chiltern)Tess – Evie Clements (Arden)
Open JuniorsYorkshire WarriorsKent TargetHarry Horton-Barr (Arden)Harriet Wasdell (Kent Target)Ross Horne (Yorkshire Warriors)Trixie – Phillip Watney (Yorkshire Warriors)
Primary JuniorsArdenKent TargetJames Dawson (Arden)Keeley Rock (Limemere)Georgia Wasdell (Kent Target)Spotty – Georgia Wasdell (Kent Target)