Celyn Polocrosse Club held their annual tournament on the 20th and 21st of July at their club grounds in Backford, Cheshire. As well as the club tournament they also hosted the Pony Club Polocrosse Four Nations competition, which saw four Pony Club teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland compete for the Triple Diamond trophy.

As well as the Pony Club teams Celyn normally sees a few Irish club teams coming over to play against UK opposition and this year was no exception with an Equus section and two Silver Spurs sections in the A grade. It was a successful trip for Equus as Debbie Harris, Dara Mangan and Eoin O’Donnel won the grade with a Warwick section in second place.

The rest of the prizes were fairly evenly distributed with quite a few clubs grabbing some all important league points but Yorkshire, Beaudesert and Arden did best with a couple of placings each.

A Grade:

1st: Equus

2nd: Warwick

Best Number 1: Pip Rowland (Warwick)

Best Number 2: Dara Mangan (Equus)

Best Number 3: Sean Hardy (Warwick)

Best Horse: Mavis – Charlotte Winder (Celyn)

B Grade:

1st: Beaudesert/ Bethersden Bulls

2nd: Yorkshire Warriors

Best Number 1: Emma Joslin (Arden)

Best Number 2: Sophie Weller (Arden)

Best Number 3: Wayne Henning (Bethersden Bulls)

Best Horse: Flo – Ryan Sweeney (Beaudesert)

C Grade:

1st: Yorkshire/ Arden

2nd: Beaudesert

Best Number 1: Jack Rees Elford (Beaudesert)

Best Number 2: Masie Slight (Beaudesert)

Best Number 3: Alex Scott (Limemere)

Best Horse: Chilli – Jack Rees Elford (Beaudesert)

D Grade:

1st: Celyn

2nd: Arden

Best Number 1: Charlotte Marshland (Celyn)

Best Number 2: Robin Winder (Chiltern)

Best Number 3: Becky Davies (Arden)

Best Horse: Luca – Anna Kimber Tarbuck (Celyn)


1st: Dragons

2nd: Lions

Best Number 1: Alexandra Newman

Best Number 2: Emile Powles 

Best Number 3: Georgia Richardson (Celyn)

Best Horse: Chubby – Georgia Richardson (Celyn)

Primary Juniors:

1st: Allsorts

2nd: United Pack

Best Number 1: Gracie Shearing (Arden)

Best Number 2: Grace Hochelly 

Best Number 3: Ceri Lloyd Williams (Flint and Denbigh)

Best Horse: Trixie – Charlotte Gee (United Pack)