At Polocrosse Extreme we fully believe that polocrosse works best with commentary. It’s always exciting to watch but add commentary and it becomes mind-blowingly awesome! Sadly in the United Kingdom lately we seem to have suffered from a lack of commentators. Gone are the days that characters like Richard “Chappers” Chapple entertained the crowds for hours on end. Now we are reliable on a small handful of commentators and the occasional visiting Australia. This situation saddens us and so we decided to do something about it to try and get more people commentating!

So we have launched the annual Commentator of the Year awards and are giving away cash prizes (editor’s note: Yes, actual cash!) for the best commentators! The awards and cheques will be presented at the UKPA Ball in November and the categories are as follows:

Commentator of the Year – Open to all and to be decided by a poll of clubs and the membership before the Ball. The winner receives a trophy and a £100 cheque!

Best New British Commentator – Open to all new British commentators this year and it will be judged by Polocrosse Extreme’s own Iain Heaton who claims to be able to judge a good commentator. The winner gets a trophy and a £200 cheque!

So what are you all waiting for? At the next tournament get on the microphone and give it a go! It’s pretty simple, just keep talking and say what you see! Oh and try and keep it clean! We look forwards to hearing you all soon!