Report by Simon Paynter

Rugby Polocrosse Club hosted their first outside tournament on the 14th and 15th of September and managed to not only host a successful tournament but also to get several of the prizes, winning the A grade and coming second in C grade and the Primary Juniors.

The A grade final saw a pumped Pennine section of Jonathan Swift, Garrat Fitton and Josh Halle come out for a devastating first chukka against the Rugby side of Luke Lossberg, Layla Henshaw and Olly Gardner and at the end of the first chukka the score was 5-2 in favour of Pennine and Rugby looked to be on the back foot throughout. The second chukka saw Rugby pull a few goals back but then Pennine answered and the goal difference remained the same. However, in the last chukka Luke Lossberg snapped a ball at the front and then the familar roll started. In 4 minutes Rugby put 4 goals on to bring the scores level; Rugby had found form when they needed it most. Then with 50 seconds left Luke Lossberg got a break and his horse seemed to find another gear to power through Josh and score the winning goal with about 10 seconds left . As the hooter went a stunned Peninne section couldn’t believe they had been robbed of a victory that seemed fairly certain at the start of the last chukka.

Though Pennine were devasted to lose the A grade in the last few seconds they did have a pretty good weekend overall as they also did a one-two in the B grade. Kent Target took home three grade wins as they won the C grade, the D grade and the Juniors. Vale Impi were second in the D grade and Arden won the Primary Juniors to complete the line up in the placings.

Full Results

A Division:

1st Rugby
2nd Pennine

B Division:

1st Pennine
2nd Pennine

C Division:

1st Kent Target
2nd Rugby

D Division:

1st Kent Target
2nd Vale Impi

Primary Juniors:

1st Arden
2nd Rugby