New South Wales won four out of the five finals on the last day of the Barastoc Nationals in Warwick, Queensland as they took their total for the tournament to 8, two more than they claimed two years ago in Ballarat. Queensland managed to grab just one match off them out of the three they took part in, winning the Under 16 Open 27-15. They also pushed NSW right to edge in the Under 24 Women, where they lost by just one goal with the end score being 19-18.

Western Australia lost both the Senior Men and Senior Women Finals to NSW, a result which will bitterly disappoint them as they were defending champions in the Senior Women. Both finals were close but NSW ran out winners 26-23 in the Senior Men and 20-15 in the Senior Women, a very good win against a side which featured the talent of players such as Jane Cooper and Suzette Thomas.

So in the end NSW leave Warwick with even more titles than they came with, 8 compared with 6. Queensland and WA both stay the same as in 2010, with Queensland taking 3 and WA taking 1. NSW featured in 11 finals (1 more than in 2010 but there were two more grades this time so they lost their 100% Finals appearance record), WA featured in 4 finals, one more than in 2010, while Queensland featured in 8 Finals, three more than in 2010 and SA featured in one as well, taking on NSW in the Challenge Cup Final. Overall is was another excellent Nationals for the sky blues of NSW, Queensland and WA will again be disappointed with their overall result, having made it through to quite a number of Finals. However they will go away and prepare to do it all again in another two years!

Check out the full results for each divisions by looking at our amazing Results and Table PDF.

Correction from Day 4: The Masters Men’s final was played on day 4 and NSW beat WA by just one goal 21-20 in a thrilling contest. This result was not available on the official results website until about day 6 so we didn’t write it up in our day 4 report!

Full Results from Finals Day

Final Senior Mens – NSW 26 vs WA 23
Final Senior Womens – NSW 20 vs WA 15
Final Under 24 Womens – NSW 19 vs QLD 18
Final Mens Under 21 – NSW 32 vs QLD 18
Final Under 16 Open – QLD 27 vs NSW 15