Day 4 saw both the favourites in the Senior Men win their games as Western Australia overcame Victoria and New South Wales overcame Queensland. Both sides therefore edged one step closer to the final. Meanwhile in the Senior Women it was WA’s day as they defeated NSW 14-8. The Senior Women was the only title WA won in Ballarat in 2010 and this result suggests that they might be on track to claim it once again.

The Under 16 Open got underway on day 4 and both NSW and Queensland got off to winning starts, NSW beat WA 20-5 and Queensland beat Victoria 23-11.

Queensland had an excellent day 4 overall as, except for their defeat in their Senior Men and a narrow defeat to Victoria in the Under 24 Women, they were unbeaten all day, winning 7 of the 9 matches they took part in, including very hard fought and close wins against NSW in the Senior Mixed and the Under 21 Mixed. They now look guranteed of places in a number of the finals, including the Under 21 men, the Under 21 Mixed, the Masters Mixed and the Under 16 mixed. They won three of these grades at the last Nationals in 2010 and so would love to repeat that feat and add a few more grade wins as well.

Victoria’s win over Queensland in the Under 24 Women also puts them in a strong position to make that final. However, apart from that win they didn’t have a great day, they lost in both the Under 16 categories to NSW and Queensland and also to Queensland in the Under 21 Men, though they did beat Northern Territory in the Under 21 Mixed.

The smaller states of South Australia and NT did continue to suffer defeats at the hands of the big three states but when they faced each other in the Under 16 Mixed it was SA who just grabbed the win by 14-13.

Check out the full results for each divisions so far and the current standings by looking at our amazing Results and Table PDF.

Full results from Day 4

Senior Men – WA 21 vs VIC 15
Senior Men – NSW 18 vs QLD 14
Challenge Cup – NSW 24 vs SA 9
Senior Women – WA 14 vs NSW 8
Senior Women – QLD 20 vs VIC 12
Senior Mixed – QLD 18 vs NSW 17
Senior Mixed – WA 22 vs NT 8
Under 24 Women – NSW 28 vs SA 6
Under 24 Women – VIC 15 vs QLD 13
Under 21 Men – QLD 21 vs VIC 9
Under 21 Mixed – QLD 17 vs NSW 13
Under 21 Mixed – VIC 17 vs NT 13
Under 16 Open – NSW 20 vs WA 5
Under 16 Open – QLD 23 vs VIC 11
Under 16 Mixed – SA 14 vs NT 13
Under 16 Mixed – NSW 17 vs VIC 9
Masters Mixed – NSW 28 vs NT 3
Masters Mixed – QLD 18 vs WA 7
Under 12 Exhibition – QLD 12 vs NSW 4