Arden’s club tournament took place on the 4th and 5th of August and featured the first test matches between the UK and USA Under 21 sides. However, it was hit by terrible weather throughout which caused the pitches to resemble ploughed fields in parts and become water logged, causing the organisers to pull the plug on day two before the A grade final and the second test match could be played. The A grade was decided on goal difference in favour of Cotswold, ahead of Kent Target.

The UK won their opening test match against the USA by 30-9 on the Saturday, in weather conditions which definitely favoured the home team. The USA fought hard but on unfamilar horses and in very unfamilar conditions, as the pitch became a mud bath, they could not match the home team.

Elsewhere in the club competition the Canterbury Colts and Arden combined to win the B grade Cup, with Canterbury Colts also finishing as runners up. The B grade plate was won by Celyn with Kent finishing as runners up. Ledbury and Limemere Sparks joined up to defeat Arden in the C grade.

The D grade was split into Upper and Lower D grade. The Welsh Dragons won the Upper D grade with Cotswold in second place, while Celyn won the Lower D with Rugby as runners up. Vale Impi won the E Grade, defeating Canterbury Colts in the final.

In the Juniors Kent Target won the day with Arden in second, while Rugby won the Primary Juniors with Kent Target in second place.

However, the fun and games were not over when the matches were done as nearly all the lorries had to be towed from the camping fields due to the mud.

Full Results

A Grade
B Grade
C grade
Upper D grade
Lower D Grade
E Grade
Primary Juniors
Cotswold Canterbury Colts/ Arden Celyn Ledbury/ Limemere Sparks Welsh Dragons Celyn Vale Impi Kent Target Rugby
Kent Target Canterbury Colts Kent Target Arden Cotswold Rugby Canterbury Colts Arden Kent Target
Best Numbers
Luke Lossberg (Rugby) Chris Milburn (Arden) David Wisdom (Vale Impi) George Boisseau (Welsh Dragons) Kian O’Hara (Solent) Mehdi Mlaiki (Vale Impi) Alex Brown (Kent) Sara Bloxsome (Arden)
Simon Shearing (Kent Target) Ben Luke (Vale Impi) Tim James (Limemere Sparks) Cassie Walker (Welsh Dragons) Chris Illingworth (Celyn) Lucy Williams (Vale Impi) Laurie Cam (Ledbury) Jack Smith  (Ledbury)
Jono Keen (Cotswold) Dave Baker (Arden) Seymour Smith (Arden) Shauna Waterer (Kent Target) Meg Smith (Ledbury) Ali McGregor Russell Smith (Arden) Josh Smith (Ledbury)