The UKPA announced that the World Cup Horse fund, which was set up to ensure top quality horses for the Polocrosse World Cup being held in the UK in July have made their first purchases. Two horses, Rosie and Cosmic, have been purchased and are now with riders within the UKPA who will work on getting them fully fit and prepared for the competition in July. The two horses came from the well known Tomlinson’s Beaufort polo yard and have previously played polo for a number of seasons.

Rosie is a 14.3hh, 13 year old mare who previously played medium goal polo and she is now based at Arden Polocrosse Club in Warwickshire, where former UK coach Greg Sargeant is amongst the team involved in her preparation for July, and Cosmic, who is a 15.3hh, 11 year old gelding who has also hunted and hacked as well as playing medium goal polo, has gone to Hazel Heaton’s yard in Norfolk, where he will be got fully fit and in top condition to play in July.

The UKPA said it was delighted with the success of the horse fund so far, there has been a great deal of investment in the last couple of weeks and now Penny and Jason Webb, who are in charge of purchases the horses for the fund, are now looking at a number of new horses in order to see which ones will be best both for the competition and also as an investment for the investors in the fund, who will receive all the proceeds of the Fund horses being sold after the World Cup ends in July. In Rosie and Cosmic the UKPA said they think they have two excellent playing horses and also a good investment which should see a profit come July.

The UKPA also expressed their gratitude to the people who have already invested and also to the people who have said they will look after and ride the horses until July. However, they reiterated that they always welcome new investment and riders and said if anyone was interested in either please see for more details in how you can invest and how you can put your name forwards to care for a horse.