The Polocrosse Association of South Africa has had to retreat on its plan to introduce a 12 horse rule in all divisions in the 2011 season. The PASA executive committee announced a couple of weeks ago that going forwards any team could use up to 12 horses in a tournament but have now issued a statement saying that given a vote and the feedback it has received the one horse per player rule will stay in place for all divisions, except the A grade where a 9 horse rule which was introduced last year may continue to operate.

Supporters of the 12 horse rule say it was introduced to help develop the number of top polocrosse horses in South Africa, by expanding the playing pool for each team and allowing people to bring in young horses more gently by just playing a chukka or two rather than the full match or tournament. However, its crictics say that it makes the game too similar to polo, where the team with the ability to buy the best horse power will eventually win out. It is a potentially divisive issue but the majority of players in South Africa have voted for the one horse rule to remain so that each player can only use one horse for the whole tournament, unless injury should force a change.