New South Wales dominated the Barastoc Interstate Series, played mainly between themselves and Queensland, though there were also teams competing from New Zealand, South Australia and Victoria. NSW took nearly every grade that was going, yielding just two to the claret clad players of Queensland. However, the fact that it was the junior boys and girls titles that they lost out on will give Queensland hope for the future.

Aside from those two defeats though NSW were, as they often are in Australian polocrosse, in dominant form. They claimed the interstate mens and ladies titles, the Under 21 boys and girls competitions and the masters titles. Queensland finished as runners up in all these titles, except for in the Under 21 boys, where Victoria finished second with Queensland third. New South Wales also picked up the majority of the best horse and rider combination prizes, as might be expected.

To download the full Barastoc Interstate Series results click here .

Alongside the Barastoc competition, which was held at Warwick Park in Queensland, was the Shell Cup which was for club sides. The home team of Warwick probably managed to do the best, claiming the Shell Cup itself and the mixed A grade and B grade competitions. Tansey also featured heavily, they finished second in the Shell Cup and then claimed both the Junior A grade and the Junior C grade, alongside a plethora of second places at all levels.

To download the full Shell Cup results click here .

Meanwhile, back in the south of Australia in Victoria itself (editors note: when we say “meanwhile” we actually mean roughly a month before…) there was the Victoria State Championships. Rosedale did the best, with a win in the A grade and the Juniors and then second spot in the C grade. However, Sale and Corio also had a good weekends, Sale came second in the A grade and claimed the D grade while Sale claimed the E grade and finished second in the Juniors. The B grade went to the home team of Ballarat and the C grade to Trafalgar. To download the full Victorian State Championships results click here .