Kent and Arden dominated the prizes at a very sunny Pennine tournament, winning four of the 5 grade between them and finishing second in two of them as well. Kent claimed the A grade from Highlanders and then did a one-two in the B grade as their two B grades sections fought out the final. In fact all weekend featured teams playing themselves in finals and play offs. In the B grade Pennine played themselves in the 3rd/4th play off and Ashfields did the same in the 5th/6th play off.

In the C grade it was Arden turn to do a one two as they claimed the top two spots and Pennine again battled themselves in the 3rd/ 4th play off. This time the Welsh Dragons battled themselves in the 5th/ 6th play off. In the D grade two different teams faced each other in the final for a change as Ashfields took on Pennine. It was a very close affair which eventually went to golden goal but Ashfields emerged victorious with Katy Long scoring the winner and winning herself Best Number 1 in the process.

In the Juniors Arden again achieved a one-two and also took all the best numbers and the best horse and rider combination to boot.

Pennine will be disappointed that they didn’t do better at their home tournament in terms of results but they did provide a great setting for the UK/Ireland test matches and apart from a few problems with the umpiring slots in the order of play, they put on an excellent tournament which seemed to be enjoyed by all. However, whether Pennine’s marquee will ever be the same after the Saturday night party remains to be seen. It suffered serious structural damage and seemed to be mainly held together with gaffer tape on Sunday.

Full Results (missing quite a few best numbers…)
A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
D Grade
Kent Kent Arden Ashfields Arden
Highlanders Kent Arden Pennine Arden
Best Horse and Rider
Alex Richardson & Misty Lee (Kent) Alex Rowley & Bailey (Pennine) Alex Riley Annabel Twinberrow
Best Numbers
Alex Richardson (Kent) Dave Baker (Arden) Katy Long (Ashfields) Kane (Arden)
  Livvy Foley (Ashfields) Guy Harland Josie Cameron (Arden)
  Hazel Wilson (Kent) Katy Wise (Pennine) Claudia Richardson (Solent) Amy Harper (Arden)