Highlanders put in a great performance at Arden to win the A grade, in what could be their final appearance of the year, or perhaps even ever. With the UK season about to go into a month long break for the rapidly approaching Two Rivers Technology 2011 Polocrosse World Cup and Highlanders likely to see a number of their players head to foreign lands after it is over, it would seem that the club is unlikely to have a side left once the UK season resumes in August.

However, they ended in the best possible way, defeating Kent in a hard fought final. Indeed, they won it fairly comfortably in the end by five goals, though Kent gave them a scare in the 4th chukka when they scored a seven goal chukka to nearly level the game up. However, Highlanders struck back in the 5th and rebuilt a lead and kept it.

Kent did win the B grade as they overcame Cotswold by virtue of a golden goal after a very tough battle. The C grade was split into Upper and Lower C and Ashfields came out on top in the Upper C, winning all their matches in a five team round robin, with Canterbury Colts in second place. In the Lower C the UK Junior Squad, themselves preparing to fly away to New South Wales in Australia in August, won in a close final against Vale Impi.

Vale Impi did get the glory in the D grade, they defeated Canterbury Colts in the final by 5 goals to claim the title, with James Stansfield winning best number 1 and best horse for Beau as well. The E grade was again split into Upper and Lower E and it was Solent who won the Upper E, they defeated all comers, with Pennine finishing second. In the Lower E Kent got the win, pushing Vale Impi into second space.

The Juniors was dominated by Ledbury Lions who managed a one two and saw Pippa and Freddie Leith claim best number 1 and best number 3. The Primary Juniors consisted of mixed teams from various clubs and it was the leopards team who won the day with the Rhinos in second place.

The traditional Arden party did not disappoint either, with the UK players clearly determined to warm up properly for the World Cup and enjoy the last tournament that they can play in for month. Now all eyes will turn to the World Cup, which starts on the 8th of July at Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre, just south of Rugby. The teams will be arrriving over the next few days and start working with their horse pools and then the competition will start on the 8th, with the UK kicking it off by taking on the USA at 1pm.

Full Results
A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
D Grade E Grade
Primary Juniors
    Upper Lower   Upper Lower  
Highlanders Kent Ashfields UK Junior Squad Vale Impi Solent Kent Ledbury Lions Rhinos
Kent Costwold Canterbury Colts Vale Impi Canterbury Colts Pennine Vale Impi Ledbury Lions Leopards
Champion Horse and Rider
  Will Hunt           
Best Horse
  Sarah Peaker’s Papoose (Cotswold)   James Stansfield’s Beau (Vale Impi) Liz Johnson’s ……. Charlie Ralli’s Tia Theodore Cornforth’s Gilly (Arden)
Best Numbers
Jason Webb (Kent) Grant Hayes (Solent) George Harding (Ashfields) James Stansfield (Vale Impi) Alex Brown (Kent) Pippa Leith (Ledbury Lions) Elliot Barbour
Annie Waterer (Kent) Wayne Henning (Canterbury Colts) Livvy Foley (Ashfields) Jazzmin Henning (Canterbury Colts) Feargal Egan (Kent) Sam Crisp (Pennine) Katie Bloxham
Greg Sargeant (Highlanders) Scott Guerney (Kent) Alice Zawoda (Arden) Lily Walton (Celyn) Mel Seary (Solent) Freddie Leith (Ledbury Lions) Annabel Twinberrow