Zambia and Ireland have become the latest countries to announce their world cup squads. In the last week Ireland confirmed that the men and ladies teams that faced the UK recently will now form their world cup squad and that from these 14 players they will select their final 8 to compete in the World Cup next July.

With the Irish season now drawing to a close will carry on training through the winter in order to prepare themselves fully for the challenge ahead as they aim to improve on the 6th place they have recorded in both the last two world cups.

Zambia, competing in their first world cup, have announced their first ever world cup squad. It consists of 6 men and 6 ladies. With the next World Cup being held in the UK there are two players in the Zambia squad who have previous experience on UK soil and UK horses, Murray Evans played in the UK in 2004 and Rinse Elsinga has previously played for Holland when they competed in the UK in the European challenge.

All 12 squad players will compete along with 13 more top Zambian players plus 5 world class stars from South Africa and Zimbabwe in the high goal invitational on the 21st and 22nd of August at Lusaka South County Club.

Of the other countries Australia have named their final team already and New Zealand, USA and South Africa have also all named their squads, which leaves just the UK and Zimbabwe left to formally announce their squads.


Carla Nel
Candice Michelson
Kirsten Michelson
Jo Cocker
Lauren Watson
Vicki Sharp
Anthony Barker
James Rae
Rinse Elsinga
Piers Counsell
Henry Beckett
Murray Evans


Ruth Shanahan
Avis Wotton
Dara Mangan
Julie Gallagher
Rona O’Dwyer
Joanne Lavery
Shirley McDonagh
Aidan McDonagh
Eoin O’Donnell
Conor Doyle
James Smith
Seb Chambers
Paul O’Leary
Aaron Power