Quirindi picked up the champion club accolade at 2010 NSW Club Championships, winning the Open Championship grade and a couple of other grades as well. The championships were a huge event with play being divided into 17 grades and they were hosted by Bingara polocrosse club


Champion Club – Quirindi

Mens Horse and Rider Combo – Lance Anderson – Cassilis
Womens Horse and Rider Combo – Tanya Hollows – Gulgong
Junior Horse and Rider Combo – Grace Halsted – Bunnan
Sub Junior Horse and Rider Combo – Jodie Cutler Bunnan

Sub-Junior B Grade
Runners Up – Bingara
Winners – Quirindi B
Best #1 – Bailey Woodward Bunnan
Best #2 – Riley Jones Quirindi
Best #3 – Georgie Guest Galloping Gully

Sub Juniors A Grade
Runners Up: Quirindi
Winners: Bunnan
Best # 1: Jodie Cutler Bunnan
Best #2: Brittany Parkinson Bunnan
Best #3: Jock Grills Guyra

Junior B Grade
Runners Up: Guyra
Winners: Maitland
Best # 1: Houston Hutchinson Maitland
Best #2: Emma Harris Maitland
Best #3: Tessa Rummel Maitland

Junior A grade
Runners Up: Inverell
Winners: Quirindi
Best # 1: Will Devenish Quirindi
Best #2: Emily Sole Quirindi
Best #3: Tom O’Brien Inverell

Junior Championship Grade
Runners Up: Cubbaroo
Winners: Bunnan
Best # 1: Grace Halsted Bunnan
Best #2: Travis Sutton Lake George
Best #3: Ned O’Neil –Shaw

Mixed B Grade
Runners Up: Muswellbrook 2
Winners: Cubbaroo
Best # 1: Murray Scott Cubbaroo
Best #2: Kelly Vicary Muswellbrook
Best #3: Breana Field Cubbaroo

Mixed A Grade
Runners Up: Warwick
Winners: Eurocoast
Best # 1: Dan Jones Lake George
Best #2: Farran Mathie Eurocoast
Best #3: Les Frazer Warwick

Mixed Championship Grade
Runners Up: Quirindi
Winners: Lake George 1
Best # 1: Jason Smith Lake George
Best #2: Adam Wrobel Quirindi
Best #3 Greg Davidge Lake George

Women’s B Grade
Runners Up: Bingara
Winners: Quirindi 2
Best # 1: Polly Gibbons Moree
Best #2: Lauren Stevenson Quirindi
Best #3: Vanessa Hain Bingara

Women’s A Grade
Runners Up: Maitland 2
Winners: Guyra
Best # 1: Megan Vidler Guyra
Best #2: Mara Grills Guyra
Best #3 Sara Hancock Guyra

Women’s Championship Grade
Runners Up: Gulgong
Winners: Maitland 1
Best # 1: Rachael Hogden Gulgong
Best #2: Cindi Lee Thompson Maitland
Best #3 Tanya Hollows Gulgong

Open E Grade
Runners Up: Narrabri 2
Winners: Guyra 3
Best # 1: Wim Cranickx
Best #2: Hannah Cassidy Narrabri
Best #3: Linda Broad Guyra

Open D Grade
Runners Up: Narrabri 1
Winners: Pallamallawa 2
Best # 1: Dean Wilson Narrabri
Best #2: Simon Townsend Pally
Best #3: Lachlan Johnston Pally

Open C Grade
Runners Up: Gulgong 3
Winners: Warialda
Best # 1: Damien Hall Warialda
Best #2: Alan Southwell Gulgong
Best #3: Brian Johnson Gulgong

Open B Grade
Runners Up: Bingara 1
Winners: Inverell 2
Best # 1: Glenn Hull Bingara 1
Best #2: Steph Lilliebridge Gully
Best #3: John Morton Pallamallawa

Open A Grade
Runners Up: Grafton
Winners: Guyra 1
Best # 1: Matthew Grills Guyra
Best #2: Anthony Grills Guyra
Best #3: Ben Grills Grafton

Open Championship Grade
Runners Up: Jugiong
Winners: Quirindi 1
Best # 1: Bernie Smith Quirindi
Best #2: Ray Davis Quirindi
Best #3: Will Weston Jugiong