For a number of years it was the highest prize in UK polocrosse but the Man of the Year competition has not taken part at the last few Nationals. However, this year its original organisers have promised to bring it back. Claire Morrissey said “We think the time is right to bring back the competition. Sunday night at Nationals just hasn’t been the same without it, for example I haven’t seen a naked man in years” (editors note: we are assuming Claire was purely referring to the viewing of naked men at the Nationals itself and not all year round).

The ladies of the UKPA will be invited to nominate their selections for a range of categories and then a select judging panel will decide who wins each category on the Sunday night. Polocrosse Extreme does actually already have one Man of the Year prize, we somehow gained it when Jason Burbidge left it behind after winning in 2007 so to commerate the return of the competition we will be returning it to him at Nationals.