Just a mere week and a half after we leaked the first few names from the Australian World Cup squad we can finally reveal the full squad (the whole Polocrosse Extreme team might have gone on holiday again…..sorry!). The full squad is a fairly scary prospect as one might expect. It features the Western Australian players that we had already revealed and a large number from New South Wales as well.

This follows the form of the Australian Polocrosse Nationals, where both the Men’s and Ladies’ finals consisted of NSW versus WA. Todd Weston of NSW has made the squad despite not playing at Nationals, an indication perhaps of how highly the Australian selectors rated his performance at the Quadrangular series in 2009. Cam Shepherd is the only Queenslander who made the squad, he also represented Australia at the Quadrangular tournament in 2009. Jess Jolly is the only Victorian in the squad, she has also previously represented Australia.

The squad will now all start playing at selection trials at tournaments on the east coast of Australia and then the final squad will be announced in September. The squad will then train right through until the World Cup in the UK next April.

Who will make the final squad? We wouldn’t even like to guess but there are enough players there to form two complete teams and honestly probably either one could have a very, very good chance of winning the World cup next year. A scary thought for the other seven countries involved.


Jodi Tiver (WA)
Suzette Thomas (WA)
Liz Lyster (WA)
Sandra Weston (NSW)
Tanya Hollow (NSW)
Jess Jolly (VIC)
Alison Mathie (NSW)
Leanne Polglasse (NSW)


Ben Thomas (WA)
Jared Martin (WA)
Rob Sibley (WA)
Chris Anderson (NSW)
Lance Anderson (NSW)
Will Weston (NSW)
Todd Weston (NSW)
Cam Shepherd (QLD)