In a move which will probably come as a shock to many who know him, Uncle Pete has gone global via the power of the internet. He announced this week from his winter base in New Zealand, exclusively to Polocrosse Extreme, that his new website dedicated to hoof care and lameness had launched. “Uncle” Pete Wherrett is a huge name in the worlds of polocrosse, polo and farriery. He shoes for many of the top polo teams in the UK in the summer and then goes to New Zealand in the winter months to do the same there. He recently had a Polo Times article dedicated to him and his succcess in the world of farriery. He has played polocrosse since the late 1990s and has played at all levels. Nowadays, he normally found running out in the B or C grade for Pennine.

The reason for his move into the online world is because, in his own words, “accomplished though he may be, Uncle Pete can only apply his experience to one horse at a time, until now”. He hopes by going online he will be able to educate people and help horses throughout the world. He admits that he has yet to completely master the world of the internet and computers but says he is learning more everyday.

On his website you can also read about his life, his experiences and where the “Uncle” came from. He also promises regular blogs and updates on what he is up to. He joins the UK player Jason Webb into the world of blogging and there are rumours that Guy Robertson might also be about to launch himself into the online world.

To see Uncle Pete’s website go to