The new polocrosse season in the UK got underway at Ashfields Polocrosse Club in the heart of Essex. The weather was kind and the standard of play was high as over 120 players battled it out in 6 grades. With the reigning UK National Champions Highlanders absent, as most of their players were attending a wedding, it was left to Kent and Arden to fight it out for the A grade. It was Kent who took the top spot, lead by Jason Webb who looked on good form after his return from playing for the UK down in Australia. However, Kent had to rely on goal difference to win it after drawing seven all with Arden, with Jason pulling a reasonably straight forward chance at goal high and wide in the dying moments of the match. Hamish Michael of Arden, on the other hand, didn’t miss a chance and played beautifully to pick up the best number one prize and the best Horse and Rider combination of the tournament

In the B grade the UK under 21s squad ruled supreme, picking up the top three spots. The final saw one section lead by the Under 21s captain Alex Richardson take on a side lead by his vice captain, Vickie Metcalfe, and it was Vickie’s side who emerged victorious by just one goal.

The C grade was split into a cup and plate and it was the home side’s only taste of victory as Ashfields picked up first and second in the cup. Neil Smith of Ashfields picked up Best Up & Coming Horse of the Tournament for his young horse, Spooks Me Lohdy. Arden lifted the Plate with Pennine in a second spot but Pennine had their revenge in the Juniors grade where they managed to get the better of Arden.

Solent are always a force to be reckoned with in the lower grades and it was their sides which won both half of the D grade (two D grades were played due to the level of entries). Ashfields picked up second spot in one D grade while Arden took second place in the other. Arden then reversed this result in the E grade, defeating Solent to take the first prize from them.

The tournament, overall, was hailed by all as a huge success with Ashfields laying on a great Saturday night meal and party to kick off the season in fine style.

Full Results

Best Horse and Rider – Hamish Michael (Arden)

Best Up & Coming Horse of the Tournament – Spooks Me Lohdy (Neil Smith, Ashfields)

A Grade
B Grade
C Grade Cup
C Grade Plate
D Grade
D Grade
E Grade
1st Kent Target Under 21’s Superheroes Ashfields Arden Solent Solent Arden Pennine
2nd Arden Under 21’s T/Birds Ashfields Pennine Ashfields Arden Solent Arden
3rd Ashfields Under 21’s Pink Ladies Kent Target Kent Target Solent Centaur Vale Impi Arden
Best Numbers
1) Hamish Michael (Arden) Will Halcrow (U21s and Kent) Gemma Stacey (Kent)   Kevin Fagot (Solent) Joe Hopkins (Solent) James Hyatt (Arden) Tasha Mason   (Arden)
2) Greg Burnett (Ashfields) Sam Marsh (Ashfields) Livvy Foley (Ashfields)   Katherine Forest (Solent) Katy Newbrook (Centaur) Emma Flynn Chloe Jowett (Pennine)
3) Kerry Bean (Kent) Bryony Cross (U21s and Pennine) Lizzie Felce (Kent)   Kamilla Klub (Norway) Angela Ristow (Vale Impi) Susie Hendy Alice Zawoda    (Arden)