Polocrosse has started in a new country, with word coming from the United Arab Emirates that a group of polocrosse players, originally from other polocrosse nations, have started playing out in the UAE and are looking to grow and promote the sport there.

Andrew Taylor, a member of the new UAE group, has requested that anyone who would like to help them or would like to play some chukkas within the UAE get in contact with him on zimbo1980@yahoo.co.uk.

He said “It is early days yet and we have only held a handful of practices, however we do not want to lose momentum. If any polocrosse players are visiting the UAE and fancy a game then please get in contact. Likewise we would appreciate the help of anyone who can help us move the sport on. We are just players and we don’t know how to move onto the next level, i.e. forming an association, admin etc, so would be grateful for any wisdom the polocrosse community can send our way. We want this sport to succeed here in the UAE.

The sport of polocrosse should be ideally suited to the UAE, where sports like polo and racing are already very popular and there are a large number of horses around.