Polocrosse Extreme today finally relaunched its clothing line after closing it in January this year. The head of Polocrosse Extreme Industries, a man only known as Purple Ted, said that they had closed the clothing store because they were not happy with their own products. “What we had up there was a bit confused” he said at a press conference today. “We had come up with some good ideas but had rushed to get them up there and that meant there were things which needed improving.”

One of his minions went on to explain that among the changes they made was tidying up the logo and adding they new slogan. “People will have already seen the new simplified and smartened up logo on the main website but now it is on the clothing line as well. We have also created a couple of new designs and started doing designs on dark clothing. We have only launched a few lines again at first but we will be adding to them constantly now throughout the season. We have a number of new ideas and are working on areas such as more designs for children clothing and also trying to expand the product range wherever possible.”

Polocrosse Extreme run their clothing operation in conjunction with American firm Cafe Press. The closure of the Polocrosse Extreme clothing line for four months is not known to have caused Cafe Press to make any redundancies but it hit Polocrosse Extreme themselves hard. Purple Ted stated that in the previous year clothing sales represented nearly 100% of Polocrosse Extreme revenue and that in the absence of that revenue stream they had been forced to borrow more money from their private backers and get involved in some sub prime debt.

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