Pennine tournament saw the Highlanders get their season off to a good start, after missing the first tournament of the year at Ashfields. In beautiful sunshine at the Northern Racing College the Highlanders beat Kent in the A/B grade final to get their first win of the season. Kent kept the scoreline close for the first few chukkas but after that the Highlanders superior horsepower began to show, with Charlotte Pykett in particular taking apart the Kent defence. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the final was the number of goals which were missed or disallowed and the number of times people parted company with their mounts. The missed goal tally stood at about 8 and number of falls was 4.

With the A and B grades being combined the C grade was next on the list and in this no team, except the UK Junior squad who were playing in the grade non-competitively, could actually win all their matches. It was a combined team from Ashfields and Kent Target who took the top spot with Celyn in second place on goal difference. This result meant that Ashfields are presently undefeated in the C grade so far this season.

In the D Grade it was a young Centaur team that triumphed, overcoming the home club Pennine in a very close and hard fought final. The scores were dead even going into the last couple of minutes but Centaur managed to grab a winning goal and hold on for the victory.

The Juniors saw a first ever win for the newly formed White Horse club. In their distinctive pink shirts they overcame Arden to win the grade and claim their first ever league points, and at prizegiving their delight was obvious for all to see.

The league continues to be lead by Arden after two tournaments with Ashfields in second place and likewise when size is taken into account Solent continue to lead the league, despite not playing at Pennine, but Ashfields in second place have narrowed the gap to just 0.26 points per player. Arden continue to be third and White Horse have shot up to fourth thanks to their first ever grade win. In the main league Kent have leapfrogged their south coast rivals Solent into third place.