Report by Jodi Tiver

Moony held their annual tournament for the season and although a little smaller compared to the last 2 years there was certainly still some good polocrosse being played! This club has put in some real effort in to improving the fields with irrigation and it has paid off with the grounds holding up well throughout the weekend. It started with a light sprinkling on Friday as teams arrived but then the sun shone down all weekend which was certainly a welcome change to the massive amounts of rain that we have been getting!

With 2 of the big clubs, Perth and South Midlands, missing from the A Grade it was a good chance for some of the clubs that are building and developing their A Grade sides to have a real crack – and that they certainly did! Walkaway were the team to beat and nobody even got close to them. The horse power and strength took them through defeating Foothills and Moony on Saturday by 20 goals each and did almost the same damage to Greenough in the final – but they only managed to beat them by 19! But the games between the other 3 sides provided possibly some of the best polocrosse of the weekend with each game being won only by a couple of goals! These sides can only get stronger and are to be commended for their efforts throughout the weekend.

There were some extremely good teams in the B Grade and Perth with no A Grade had the luxury of having Rob Sibley and Michael Semmens playing for that side, who ran out the eventual winners. 11 teams in the C Grade and even though there was probably some other more favoured sides to win this comp the young fantastic Foothills Team once again took home the trophy! Something for our UK import Annie Waterer to take home with her!

Well done to all the winners and we all hope that John Clohessy is on the mend after he suffered a broken leg in the first game of the weekend – this was the only ‘hitch’ as such and the remainder of the tournament was fantastic – well done to Moony Club!


A Grade

Walkaway d Greenough
Score: Walkaway by 19
Walkaway Team: Jeremy Thurkle, Trent Copper, Wayne Woods, Aiden Thurkle, Dean Ryan & Doug Brown
Greenough Team: Liz Lyster, Laurie Martin, Jane Cooper, Rachael Martin, Hailey Martin & Jared Martin
Champion A Grade Pony: ‘Roger’ ridden by Aiden Thurkle (Walkaway)

B Grade

Perth d Walkaway (2)
Perth Team: Rob Sibley, James Lester, Jacinta Sibley, Sharna Hall, Michael Semmens & Tia Hall
Champion B Grade Pony: ‘Zack’ ridden by Rob Sibley (Perth)

C Grade

Foothills d Perth & Greenough (triangle final)
Foothills Team: Annie Waterer, Holly Ludeman, Sandy Corbett, James Mathwin, Mick Mathwin & Tom Mathwin
Champion C Grade Pony: ‘Wrights Cravat’ ridden by Sandy Corbett (Foothills)

D Grade

Greenough d South Midlands
Champion D Grade Pony: ‘Box Car Ben’ ridden by Sianee Guy (South Midlands)

E Grade

Moonyoonooka d Perth
Champion E Grade Pony: ‘Jeyloe’ ridden by Luke Puglia (Moony)