The UKPA have announced that this year they will be holding a ‘Stick Amnesty’, much like the knife and gun amnesties regularly held by the UK police. This is a chance for you to hand over the old and unwanted (and potentially lethal) sticks so that they can be properly disposed of without you facing any risk of prosecution for holding a out of date stick.

A UKPA spokesman said “Many people have old sticks they no longer use but what a lot of people don’t realise is if the racquets are just left to their own devices they can cause mischief. This is the case with a lot of sports equipment; just like a top class athlete who ends their career early, sports’ equipment, which still has a useful life, will try to find ways to let off its surplus energy.”

It is the equipment’s quest to continue being pro active that can sometimes lead to horrible consequences. Only recently a ex- Indian amateur cricketer was beaten unconcious by his own bat, because he hadn’t played in two years, and a 16 year old girl was nearly strangled by her own skipping rope, when she opened up the cupboard that she had left it, unattended, in when she was 12.

The UKPA will take your old sticks and use them to train new polocrosse players in Pony Clubs and riding clubs, throughout the country! Let your old sticks have their purpose back (before they start doing wild swings at your head)!