With the UK coming second in the World Cup and the lifting of the foreign player restriction in UK polocrosse it is hardly surprising that a lot of foreign players are coming over this summer to play!

The return of Rick Murray (anger management permitting; he was wearing a T-shirt at the Cup saying “My anger management class pisses me off” so we probably can’t conclude it’s a complete success yet!) also helps bring the foreign players back as he flies in New Zealanders Regan Gloyn and Shaye Williams for the Crusaders and also brings in Andy Baker who just finished playing in the World Cup for Zimbabwe. Apparently Andy is only coming in for a month but Regan and Shaye should be here the whole season. Shaye is well known to fans in the UK as he played for the Northern Lions last year (the Lions are now known as the Crusaders). Regan Gloyn has not played in the UK since about 2002.

Rick has also snatched Alex Bull from the Highlanders, after Highlanders claimed to have stolen him from Arden, and there are rumours that former UK captain Andrew Schaefer might make an appearance again this year to complete the six crusading for the National title.

Arden have compensated for the loss of “The Bull” by bringing in another Zim Wolrd Cup star, Bradley Clark. Bradley Clark is young but talented and Arden have also brought back Suzanne Sargeant as they lose Jono Keen this year while he is playing a season out in Australia.

Highlanders are rumoured to be remaining the same, with Brian Davidge returning for his second season. There was rumours that Greg might be coming with him but apparently they are not true. There was also the possibility of young Australian Sam Cook coming over but apparently he may have to remain in Oz to work.

The Welsh have signed a big name, bringing in Kristy Crook, an Australian who many expected to see playing in their ladies World Cup team. It caused a stir among quite a few people when she wasn’t included in the final four. They are probably also bringing in fellow Australian, Chris Robinson.

Kent are welcoming back Josh Greenwood for his second year and there was a mention of another couple of players coming as well but as yet they are not confirmed.

Pendle Wildcats will run out an A grade team this year for the first time in a while with the return to their home club of UK lady players Shelley King and Debbie Harris. They will play alongside Kerry Bean who played for the Wildcats last year and Greg Burnett and Kim Lampard are also joining Pendle from Pennine. They have also been active in bringing in players for the lower grades with Vickie Metcalfe coming in from Pennine and Jane Venworth and Iain Heaton coming from Liscombe.