(Apologies for any errors, I failed to get a copy of the order of play and team lists so its entirely possible I have misspelt names or got them entirely wrong, if so let me know and I will correct them. There are also a few blanks so everyone can play ‘Fill in the Blanks’.)

A Grade

Kent triumphed at their own tournament in the A grade, defeating a Welsh Dragons team in the final. Kent who consisted of Jason and Penny webb and Todd Weston (this tournament being played in sections rather than teams) won reasonably easily against a Welsh team of Lizzie and Charlie Wright-Roberts and Kristie Crook. Jason was on particularly good form aboard his new little black horse, Honey, and the goals flowed easily for him.

In the Plate final the other Dragons team revenged this defeat by defeating the other Kent team, again reasonably comfortably. Simon Shearing was playing well and winning a lot of ball for the Dragons and his assertive captaincy ensured his young team mates, Will Hunt and Lewis Parr, did their jobs.

Best Numbers:

1) Jason Webb (Kent)
2) Kristie Crook (Welsh Dragons)
3) Todd Weston (Kent)

Best Horse and Rider: Jason Webb and Honey
Irish Award for Best Lady Player: Penny Webb (Kent)

B Grade

The Irish again to travelled to Kent this year and this time they left with the top two places in the Cup and also all the best numbers! They also added a great deal to the tournament and awarded a prize for each division to the best lady player (as they did last year). Kent won the B grade plate (I don’t know who came second, if anyone does then let me know).

Best Numbers (all Celtic Warriors unless otherwise specified):

1) Martin Keogh
2) Frank Power
3) Richie Bowen

Best Horse and Rider: Martin Keogh and Shelia
Irish Award for Best Lady Player: Vicki Robinson (Kent)

C Grade

The C grade was won by a Kent side in a final against Western Phoenix which was probably the lowest scoring game of polocrosse ever, ending 1-0. The goal came from Richard Felce half way through the seond chukka after ‘Uncle’ Pete Wherret had successfully defended his goal for about two minutes with a combination of blocked shots and hard tackling. The Plate also went to Kent with Pendle Wildcats in second place.

Best Numbers:

1) Will Halcrow (Kent)
2) Alice Humphries (Western Phoenix)
3) Pete Wherret (Western Phoenix)

Best Horse and Rider: Cal Moore and Amber (Kent)
Irish Award for Best Lady Player: Sophie Harding

D Grade

Western Phoenix had their revenge on Kent in the D grade as they picked up first place and condemned Kent to second. The Phoenix also picked up a lot prizes in the best numbers. Solent, who were playing their first tournament as a club (and some of their players were playing their first tournament ever) picked up third place.

Best Numbers:

1) Martin Verhagen (Western Phoenix)
2) Matt Fookes (Solent)
3) Mick Foulds (Western Phoenix)

Best Horse and Rider: Alison Barnett and Joe
Irish Award for the Best Lady Player: Alison Barnett

E Grade

Kent target completed their haul of prizes by winning the E grade, with Solent in second place (I afraid I don’t know who finished third, again let me know if you do).

Best Numbers:

1) Will Arnold (Pendle)
2) Lara (That’s all I know, I have no surname or club! Someone tell me!)
3) Jacqueline Arend (Kent)

Best Horse and Rider: Gemma Stacey and Alfie

International Primary Juniors

Kent Tournament played host to a match between English and French Primary Juniors sections. England won in a match that was played in the reduced space of the Kent sand school due to a heavy rain making the pitch unplayable.

Best Horse and Rider for France: The French number 1 (I’m sorry I don’t know her name) and her pony (which I think may have been called Lola)
Best Horse and Rider for England: Madeline Kish
Most Improved: Becky Shaw