Arden tournament was, as always, excellent fun! It was not the most competitive tournament of the season but that wasn’t what people wanted for the final weekend. What people wanted was fun, sunshine and partying and that is exactly what Arden dished up (though they probably didn’t actually control the weather). There was no sign of the breathalyser on Sunday morning, something probably quite a lot of players were grateful for as the Saturday night party lasted till around 4am. Jason and Caroline Burbidge’s band provided the entertainment as is traditional and they were excellent (as is also traditional). There was a slightly unfortunate incident when some local youths thought it would be amusing to remove a horse from its pen, luckily they were stopped before they got very far and some of the Arden boys persuaded them not to do that kind of thing again. The exact details are not clear but this excellent videos should give you a rough idea!

The Chav from Youtube


A Grade

Winners Welsh Dragons
Runners-up Highlanders

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Sophie Lodder
Best No.2 Guy Robertson
Best No.3 Jess Shearing
Best Horse: Todd Weston’s horse, Red Rooster

B Division

Winners Pendle Wildcats
Runners-up Pennine Brazil

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Sammy Rowden
Best No.2 Sam Marsh
Best No.3 Kim Lampard
Best Horse Moneda [S.Rowden]

C Division

Winners Kent Arrows
Runners-up Welsh Dragons

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Mike Turner
Best No.2 Nikki Robinson
Best No.3 Will Halcrow
Best Horse Nigel Lackford’s Horse

D Division

Winners Celyn 2
Runners-up Kent Darts

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Tom McLeod
Best No.2 Lily Walton
Best No.3 John Marsland
Best Horse Simon Amor’s Horse, Sante

E Division

Winners Solent Sharks
Runners-up Solent Dolphins

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Jess Fagot
Best No.2 Jono Keen
Best No.3 Richard Balmforth
Best Horse Jono Keen’s Horse, Slick


Winners – Arden
Runners-up – Pennine Panama
3rd Place – Pennine Mexico

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Tom Kitchen-Dunn
Best No.2 Moscha Paynter
Best No.3 Katie Newbrook
Best Horse Tomba [Sarah Newell]

Primary Juniors

Winners – Pegasus Croome PJ
Runners-up – Pegasus Croome Minis
3rd Place – Arden

Best Numbers:

Best No.1 Harry Twinberrow
Best No.2 Josie Cameron
Best No.3 Natalie Cameron
Best Horse: Harry Twinberrow’s Zimbah