I wasn’t at the Welsh Dragons tournament as I have exams at the moment, so I don’t know exactly what happened but this is what I’ve heard so far:

A Grade:

1st) Kent Target
2nd) Arden

Well the Welsh didn’t managed to carry on their winning streak and at their home tournament that must be a disappointment, but Kent’s win means they close the gap on the Welsh at the top of the league. Second place for Arden for the second time this season.

Rick Murray was playing for his old club Highlanders at the weekend but it didn’t really go according to plan. Apparently, Rick and Guy Robertson were both unhappy with the umpiring of Lizzie Wright-Roberts in a match when Highlanders played Kent. Oscar Harding was playing for Kent and the Highlanders players felt he wasn’t playing particularly fairly or cleanly. Oscar is a very talented and fearless young player and in the past he has been known to boil over on the pitch. However, he is only about 5ft 10in and all of 65kg so quite how much damange he could do to Rick and Guy is open to debate. I’m unsure exactly what happened in this case (as I wasn’t there) but it ended up with official complaints being made by the Highlanders and a disciplinary was called. Rather annoyingly for the Highlanders the end result of the disciplinary was the banning of Rick and Guy Robertson from the Welsh Dragons tournament next year, again I am unsure why exactly this was.

B Grade:

Arden (with the Northern Lions) and Kent swap places in the B grade, to make the final result –

1st) Arden/Northern Lions
2nd) Kent

C Grade:

Kent overtake the Welsh in the league due to these points despite the Welsh combining with Pennine to pick up second place.

1st) Kent Target
2nd) Welsh Dragons/Pennine

D Grade:

Liscombe pick up their first win of the year and Centaur pick up their first points in second place.

1st) Liscombe Park
2nd) Centaur

E Grade:

I think the Juniors and E grade were combined so I’m treating it as an E grade; either way Pennine came first with Centaur again in second.

1st) Pennine
2nd) Centaur