Apparently since we launched our “Save The Overarm” a number of you have been in contact with the UKPA Chief Umpire, Martin Brookes, to inform him that you don’t want it banned! Well done!

The argument for banning it is that the its detracts from the horsemanship in the game, i.e. you don’t have to work really hard and have a good horse to get around a 3 if you can just put the ball over the top of them. Frankly, this is slightly flawed as you can quite easily throw a ball underarm over someone’s head and overarm goals can be very impressive, especially when thrown at breakneck speed as you cross the back line. Banning goals like this would be a crime and might well make some games of polocrosse boring affairs; who wants to watch two people ride round the thirty metre area for six minutes?

However, this isn’t the only suggested rule change there are many more, including one by the Australians to allow you to change players between your sections in between games, i.e. your team would no longer have to stay in the same sections all weekend, you could restructure before each game in order to best utilise your players against the opposition. Do you think that is a good idea?

The whole list of rule changes is in the document at the bottom of the page, read it and feed back to Martin on it (but please don’t be rude to him) or discuss it on the all new forum under the appropriate section! Martin loves reading the forum! He does leave on Friday for New Zealand to go get ready to win the World cup for us so I’m not sure if he will have internet after that so let him know your feelings quickly!

Any rule changes that are agreed on will probably come straight into force for the 2007 season so if you don’t want to have already thrown your last overarm goal its time to take action!

Proposed rule changes