These are the Northern Tournament results as we know them so far. There seems to be no second places or best numbers in the higher grades, that could be be right or wrong, only time will tell! To make them more exciting we have included some random photos we were kindly emailed, enjoy!

A Grade:

1st) Arden 1 (Brad Clarke, Sophie Lodder, Daniel Duhig)
Best Horse: Sophie Lodder’s Horse

Polocrosse Extreme

Dan and Brad pulled… lucky girl!

B Grade:

1st) Pennine 2 (Sam Sics, Joel Sics, Sam Marsh)
Best Horse: Dean Chappell’s Pimento

Polocrosse Extreme

The real reason Wiggs quit playing – he has bottles stuck to his hands! A condition guaranteed to affect his stickwork!

C Grade:

1st) Celyn (Barry Amor, Simon Amor, Katie Marsh)
Best Horse: Simon Amor’s Santi

D Grade:

1st) Arden 3 (Tim James, Gill James, Pete Wherret)
Best Horse: Sophie Phillips’ horse

Junior Stormbreakers Division:

1st) Arden Typhoon (Ashleigh Burbidge, Chris Lampard, Sarah Newell)

Best 1: Rosie Townend (Pennine)
Best 2: Louise Chappell (Pennine)
Best 3: Sarah Newell (Arden)
Best Horse: Sarah Newell’s horse
Most Improved: Chris Lampard, Arden

Junior Wildcats Division:

1st) Pennine Panthers (Alex Rowley, Alex Richardson, Max Pedley)

Best 1: Alex Rowley (Pennine)
Best 2: Lucinda Cornforth (Arden)
Best 3: Max Pedley (Pennine)

Best Horse: Josie Cameron’s horse
Most Improved: Jonathan Swift (Pennine)