Arden will most likely be without their captain, Jason Burbidge, at the Nationals this year as he underwent keyhole surgery on his knee today to help heal an old injury. Sources at the club say that he is unlikely to ride again for at least six weeks. This is devastating news for Arden followers as Jason is one of their key players as they bid to win the National A grade title.

Without him Arden will struggle and it puts even more pressure on the broad shoulders of Greg Sargeant and Hamish Michael. There is a hope that Jason might make a miraculous recovery, like his team mate Dan Duhig did a few weeks ago when he recovered in a week from a broken thumb to face a Queensland Under 21 team for the UK Under 21s.

Arden have also lost Suzanne Sargeant who goes back to South Africa this week and so will not be around for Nationals. These double loss means Arden will have to use all their young guns in an attempt to claim the coveted A grade trophy.