This is only a brief summary of the results. I’m hopefully going to get hold of some photos soon so there will be more detail added then but just so you all know who the hottest men in the UKPA are, here are the results! Some of them may be wrong as I can’t remember the award ceremony that clearly, don’t know why! I certainly can’t remember all the nominees so if anyone has a list please let me have it!

Most Fanciable Foreigner: Luke Mathie

Middle Aged Crumpet: Jason Burbidge

Party Animal of the Year: Richard Chapple (he had to win, he got naked!)

Yummiest Young One: Joel Sics

Most Dedicated Dad: Gerry Duhig

Golden Girth: Jack Williams

Sexiest Man in the Saddle: Edward ‘Becks’ Beckerlegge

UKPA Man of the Year: Dan Duhig