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Irish Polocrosse moves to stop pot hunting


The Irish Polocrosse Association (IPA) announced today that it has made changes to its rules regarding what level of players can play in each grade of a tournament, in order to deal with complaints regarding higher pointed players playing in B grade. ¬†Following Horetown’s tournament last weekend, the IPA’s grading committee received a number of Read more…

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Does Grading Work?

The grading of players within UK polocrosse is always a hotly debated topic but during the 2013 season we have heard various people at various levels disparage the grading system and comment on its lack of accuracy. So we thought we would have a bit of closer look at it. Essentially, gradings are never going Read more…

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UKPA Move to Make Nationals A Grade ‘Mixed’ Teams


The UK Polocrosse Association has stated that the A grade competition at their National Championships in September will be played as ‘mixed’ teams, meaning that there will be one section of men and one section of ladies (editor’s note: yes, the name is misleading, we like the term ‘teams of two single sex sections”‘ or Read more…

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